Car Rallies

Would you like to go crazy on the road, but you are not sure where and how you can safely do this? If only you have the appropriate license, you can try yourself at car races, which are the most popular motor sport discipline.

The participation in the rally requires driving down the designated by organizers trail with different levels of difficulty, in a specially equipped rally car. The key to the success is to run the route in the best time. Competitions are held on various surfaces and are not interrupted due to prevailing weather conditions.

Rally routes are typically designated on public roads. They are divided into so-called special stages, during which traffic on the road is closed. All the participants, one after another, with the appropriate intervals, drive down the route.

The crew consists of a racing driver and a pilot. Before the actual start of the rally, players have the time to familiarize themselves with the route. They are trying to carefully plan its course and see all the possible to encounter obstacles in order to get the best time.

Rally is a great entertainment, and a sport which over decades has gained many fans throughout the world. If only the organizers and the participants care about their safety and the audience, it can be extreme and unforgettable experience.