Cyprus Rally

The third round of this year’s World Rally Championship is the Cyprus Rally. Its first edition was held in 1970. In 2000 - 2006 it was the eliminating round of world championships. In this season Cyprus Rally returns to the schedule of most important racing series. Polish fans are certainly interested in the fact that in 1997 on Cyprus Rally routes Hołowczyc and Maciej Wisławski triumphed.

The rally is located in Limassol (image above) situated in the southern part of the island and which is the second largest city in Cyprus . It is also one of the most important tourist centers there.

Special stages run through uneven, gravel roads, although some of them are also held on asphalt surfaces. Cyprus Rally is the only one this season, which is a combination of that different routes. The first day drivers race on asphalt roads, he second and third day drive on nearly all possible types of gravel. Rally is also one of the slowest and the most difficult qualifying rounds of World Rally Championship. Its trail goes through the picturesque, but extremely difficult roads in the Troodos mountains.