Norway Rally

Norway Rally has been organized since 2006. In 2007, it became one of the rounds for World Rally Championship. In this year’s world championship schedule it is the only one run on the snow and ice.

The rally base is located in Hamar. The city is situated in the south-eastern Norway. The Service park is located in the hall Viginkskipet, which was one of the arenas during the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. In 2007, when the Rally of Norway was the first time included in the championship as one of the rounds, the hall served as an arena for one of the special stages.

Special stages of Rally Norway are situated just 250km from the route of Rally Sweden, which also hosted many world championships. Despite this, the routes of Rally Norway are more winding and require more technical skills. Lying along the route snow drifts, in case of loss of control of the car can prove to be very helpful cushion. This does not mean that the drivers need not to worry about falling out of the path, since the drifts may be just as dangerous as helpful.