Rally Argentina

Rally Argentina has been held every year since 1980. From the beginning, it has been one of the qualifying rounds for World Rally Championship. Its route is approximately 1450km long, and is divided into 20 special stages.

The rally takes place in Villa Carlos Paz (image below), a small town in the province of Cordoba in the foothills of the Sierra de Cordoba mountains.

Rally route passes through the gravel road. This race is very spectacular and demanding for the drivers. This is because of the position of special stages. They are situated high above a sea level at the foot of the Andes. There is a number of located on the route drives passing through the water creating very impressive view for the audience.

The scenery of Rally Argentina is very diversified. At times, special stages pass through large empty spaces transforming a moment later into narrow, mountain roads. During the rally, there are many opportunities to drive very fast, yet drivers must be extremely careful, because every small bump may cause damage to a car and failure to complete the rally.

Since 2005, the Argentina route has been dominated by Sebastien Loeb, who won five editions in the row.