Rally Australia

Rally Australia is the tenth round in this year’s World Rally Championship schedule. It returns to this most prestigious series after a two-year absence. It was s qualifying round of the World Rally Championship in 1990 – 2006. However, this year’s Rally Australia will be radically different from its previous edition. Its location is completely changed. Previously, it was held on the west coast of Australia with the base in Perth. This year, the base will be transferred to the East Coast. The new rally location is the city Kingscliff in New South Wales region.

According to the organizers assurance, the Rally of Australia will remain one of the fastest races of world championship. Special stages as in previous years will be run on gravel path. Despite all that, Rally of Australia, like the Polish Rally, remains the biggest unknown for both drivers and teams. There will be completely new and unknown special stages prepared. Previous editions based in Perth enjoyed great popularity. Will the new edition of Rally of Australia also have such a great interest? We will find out at the beginning of September.