Rally of Poland

After many years Rally of Poland returns to the World Rally Championship schedule. Year 1973 was the last time when it was a part of its edition. In 2006 – 2008 it had a status of official candidate for being a round of World Rally Championship.

Rally of Poland has a long and beautiful history. Its first edition was held as early as in 1921. It is the second oldest, after the Monte Carlo, rally in the world. Over the last few years it was one of the European Championship rounds of asphalt. Its location was repeatedly changed , and finally it got to Masuria where the best drivers in the world will face each other. Previously, the route ran from Warsaw to BiaƂowieza, as well as in the vicinity of Crakow and Silesia.

The rally is currently located in Mikolajki (image above), one of the most popular resorts of Masuria. Special stages run thorough an extremely fast, requiring high technical skills gravel road. Rally route is located in the vicinity of Mikolajki Orzysz and Gizycko.

Rally of Poland is something totally new for the current WRC class drivers. Thus, it is very interesting how they will manage the Masurian routes. It may also be interesting to see how the Polish crew will do in the competition. The team is already familiar with the special stages from previous years.

In this year’s Rally of Poland drivers from both the WRC and the J-WRC class will participate. The first position in the overall classification in the J-WRC class, after the six qualifying rounds, is held by Pole Michal Kosciuszko, who will certainly be fighting for the victory.

Last year, Michal Bebenek triumphed over the Masurian routes. Whether he is able to win with the best drivers in the world, we will be able to find out already in the second half of June.

Rally of Poland route

This year, Rally of Poland will be held on 25 – 28 June, 2009 . It is one of the elimination rounds of this year’s World Rally Championship. The event will take place in the vicinity of Mikolajki, Gizycko and Orzysz. The rally route has been divided into 18 special stages.

June 25, 2009

On Thursday in Mikolajki at 19:00 there will be an official opening ceremony. At 20:00 the super OS is planned.

June 26, 2009

The first of Friday’s special stages, according to the official schedule, should start at 9:51. It runs from Grabowka to Tuchlin.

OS 3 should start at 10:19. Drivers will make a route from Pianki to Lesniczowka.

The first crew will start OS 4 at 10:49. It runs from Paprotek to Milek, where the refuel before continuing their tour will take place.

Special Sections 5,6,7 will be run on the same routes as sections 2,3,4. The beginning is planned successively at 14:01, 14:29, 14:59.

June 27, 2009

The start of OS 8 is planned at 10:14. Drivers will run a trail from Danowo to Gorla.

Another Saturday’s stage will start at 10:59. It will take place on route from Gawliki to Mazuchowka.

OS 10 goes from Wydmin to Odojow. It’s start is anticipated at 11:52.

Like on Friday, next three stages, precisely 11,12,13 will be the 8,9,10 repetitions. They will begin successively at: 15:18, 16:03, 16:56.

June 28, 2009

OS 14 will start at 7:51. Its trail leeds from Milek to Wronki. Another special section is planned to start at 8:57. Drivers will face each other on the road from Tros to Konopek.

Special stages 16 and 17 will be held on the same routes as sections 14 and 15. Their start is set for the 11:49 and 12:55.

In addition, on Sunday in Mikolajki at 14:24 Super OS will take place, and right after its done, the closing ceremony will begin.